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Her Need

Her Need

A Sister’s Fetish That Only Her Brother Can Satisfy

Claire's discovery of a used tissue in her father's man-cave leads to a sensual encounter with her brother and a new desire cantered in her loins.

Her Need

How does a fetish start? For Claire it was something as simple as a used tissue. A smell that fascinated and excited her but only her brother would tell her what that smell was and he's going to take advantage. Her brother is already horny after watching porn movies with their father and now he was a sister willing to not only suck his cock but let him take her virginity. Claire is about to discover a new kink, one which leads her to letting her brother use her, if only so she can enjoy what she really wants.


Dinner had passed by without Mike making any reference to what might be in the little bag. Although something had bugged Claire about the way her brother and father both seemed to be having some private joke. The two of them were drinking beers when she had gone downstairs and helped her mom get dinner to the table. Mike had looked a little flushed. Claire had assumed it was the alcohol. During dinner the two men would smirk at each other, much to the chagrin of Claire's mom.

Afterwards, Claire had helped tidy up before retreating to her bedroom. She'd thought that Mike would follow her, but he was still downstairs.

The little tissue bag count had doubled. Claire was about to sniff the first again when she saw the second one, sat next to it on her dresser. Unsure, although assuming Mike was playing some game with her, she opened it.

The smell was almost overpowering. A similar smell, although much stronger. Claire's head recoiled back at first, but she held the bag close to her nose and inhaled with a long deep breath through her nose. Her own arousal became palpable. Putting her finger in the bag, she removed the tissue with care. It was damp to her touch.

Her fingers were wet, sharing the same smell as the tissue as she held it.

Claire sucked on her fingers after putting the tissue back in the bag. The salty taste combined with the ammonia aroma gave the girl a powerful desire to masturbate. The desperation to know what the secret elixir had still overwhelmed her. She knew Mike had left the second bag for her but wondered if he knew how much it turned her on.


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